Why is Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin adoption so slow?

Why is Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin adoption so slow?

One word: Complexity

I don’t work in technology teams. I am a spiritual teacher
i work mostly with absolutely “normal” people.

The average person is not so technology savvy and many are not that smart on top of it 🙂
Which means you present them with computers and they prefer smartphones because
on smartphones you cant do many things wrong and you can carry them everywhere.

1) Cryptocurrency needs to move mainly onto smartphones
2) Cryptocurrency needs to become extremely simple to use and fast

Bitcoin doesn’t fulfill this yet. It fulfills immutability and Security.
Those are the absolute fundamentals.

KIN Cryptocurrency is the only project i know of so far that is trying to solve 1) and 2)
So unless Google and Apple don’t ban cryptocurrency from the APP stores i see KIN becoming one of the top used cryptocurrencies ever