Frustrated KIN Cryptocurrency Investors

Frustrated KIN Investors
I am 40 years old and i have been in the stock market investment community since i am 19. Most of normal stock market investors are highly professional. Some are led by emotions sure but i have never seen so many frustrated individuals at one place like in the cryptocurrency sphere especially KIN investors.

Any smart investor knows that emotions are a bad adviser.

so here is a couple of things to understand:
* technology today is highly complex. it needs time and many reiterations to make something work smoothly.
* KIN Foundation, KIK & Ted and devs are doing an excellent job building the technology for a massive ecosystem
* you cannot make people happy anymore. Psychology and expectations and emotions are surreal and negative
(e.g. people threatening to sue you because you gave them a refund (not kidding). I feel for customer service personnel. Its become an impossible job )
* Letting your unhappiness out on other people is just worth zero. To yourself and others
* Support the team, influence them positively

So if you still feel frustrated take a look in the mirror and ask yourself.. are you fulfilling your life’s purpose? Because if you are not going in the direction of your life’s purpose then its very easy to get frustrated with anything in life. If you know your mission nothing can take you away from the big picture.

Yes. I am a big believer in Ted’s & the team’s vision of KIN.