Venezuela officially makes Petro Cryptocurrency Available

Venezuela officially makes Petro Cryptocurrency Available
At a press conference, Nicolas Maduro, announced November 5 for public sale of the Petro.

The most important part:
“the Venezuelan president has stated that all the oil purchases in and out the country must now be paid with Petro”
the same goes for airlines tanking fuel.
The other most important part is the fact that a head of state is openly switching to Cryptocurrency away from dollars or other fiat. Other countries will follow
which will force the U.S. to be very pro cryptocurrency

While there are so many uncertainties about the Petro, one thing will make it a sure success: The demand for oil is much higher than any obstacle to obtain it.
Anybody willing to buy oil will have no problem using the Petro.

6 Venezuela Exchanges support the Petro & an app for buying and selling it is in the google play store.
(Petro Wallet Sunacrip)

Here a few venezuela oil statistics:
The top exports of Venezuela are:
Crude Petroleum ($18.2B)
Refined Petroleum ($3.11B)

The top export destinations of Venezuela are:
United States ($10.3B)
China ($4.9B)
India ($4.47B)
Switzerland ($2.92B)
Singapore ($1.03B)