How can Paypal survive in a Bitcoin Cryptocurrency world

How can Paypal survive in a Bitcoin Cryptocurrency world

Paypal solves a couple of interesting problems:
* recurring payments
* interconnection with credit cards & bank accounts
* buyer protection
* very easy to use
* fast

Cryptocurrency is currently working on
* ease of use
* speed

When these are solved it will still need a provider which can do recurring payments.
From a merchant perspective “buyer protection” is actually not so interesting.
Because there is more and more friendly fraud going on. Where costumers receive a product & do a chargeback just to keep the money.

I think for paypal to survive over the longterm they would need to do two things:
* buy an exchange like coinbase
* buy, develop or built in a blockchain which is about ecommerce trust scores
* reduce fees significantly at some point in the future
* create an image of a company where your coins & money are safe. Safer than anywhere else.
* go into lending so people have an incentive to have their coins work for them
* expand the paypal debit card program globally and to work with coins

When you have a blockchain about trust you can let users know which party you can trust
and that would put PayPal into a unique position.