Earn Cryptocurrency using a mobile Chat APP

Blastchat wants to change the way mass chat messages are sent
and how you earn from that via tipping.

So you send a message to your 1000 fans.
They can then tip you with KIN Cryptocurrency.

This KIN Cryptocurrency can be earned from within the app
by filling out surveys which are paid for by advertisers.

Its an interesting experiment.
It is clear that for it to gain traction it must be easy to get your fans into BlastChat
and the notifications must work well. One little change to how this works and it determines whether it will get into orbit or not.

Current Negative reviews on Play Store are:
“App constantly crashes. If I swipe, anything, it crashes.”
” the app dies almost everytime I try to send a private blast.”

When replying the reply only goes to the sender.
I think for it to work there should be a public and a private reply just like on twitter