KIN Cryptocurrency mobile apps demo day on Oct 15th 2018

KIN Cryptocurrency mobile apps demo day on Oct 15th 2018

On Oct 15th 2018
The apps part of the KIN Foundation Ecosystem will demonstrate
their integrations of the KIN cryptocurrency into their mobile apps.
There should be 40 apps in total. Once they are approved they
will receive the go ahead to submit their apps to google play store and apple store.

The most notable app being perfect 365 with over 100m users.
Watch out for that date.

40 Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps launching

40 Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps launching

40 Apps had been selected a while ago to join the KIN Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.
Now in October 2018 these apps are being presented and going live in the APP stores.

These apps range from fitness to dating to traveling.
The apps use the KIN cryptocurrency to incentivize people to do certain
tasks and paying the user to give out more information about themselves.

This is the beginning of an ecosystem of apps using the same cryptocurrency (KIN) to create
a behemoth that will in its collective rival huge social media giants such as Facebook.

One of these APPs that is currently in Beta is Kinit. Only available to U.S. users in the iOs & Android APP stores.
Another notable APP is Perfect 365. Perfect365 is a five star rated beauty app in the ios and android app store
which will use KIN to drive user interest to women.

Cryptocurrency has remained largely inaccessible to the mainstream. Its still mostly male and technology driven.
With KIN Cryptocurrency this is about to change in October and Q4 2018.

Welcome to the future where regular consumers get full control over their own money.

List of Kin Cryptocurrency Projects & Exchanges

Kin Cryptocurrency Projects & Exchanges
here i will list every project related to KIN Cryptocurrency. Public & in Development:


Websites: – blockchain explorer to see whats currently happening on KIN blockchain

KINIT – Survey based app on Android & IOS to earn KIN
Perfect365 – beauty app allowing you to spend and earn KIN

Exchanges – chinese exchange
Mercatox – Buy KIN Ethereum token
Bancor – exchange cryptocurrencies for KIN
HitBTC – trade cryptocurrencies

KIN Projects In Development:
Beseech – location-based forum for suggestions, referrals, information, micro-tasks, and classified ads
Find – a diverse community of open-minded travelers looking to discover new friends
KinQuest – social platform by Spaced that will help travelers meet and socialize with other travelers in their local area – social platform that will incentivize people to achieve their goals through competition and accountability
Kinetik – incentive-based mechanism to help users achieve their goals
Pause For – app that will reward students for staying off their phones while they focus on studying
Remood – first virtual reality (VR) mind machine app that uses scientific brainwave research and color and tone psychology to help users relax
Step & Spend – new app that will use Kin to incentivize users to improve their health
Steps – healthy active lifestyle by rewarding users for meeting their daily walking goals
Visit – brings together physicians, healthcare providers and technology, redefining health and wellness in today’s digital age
WiCrypt – enables users to get rewarded for sharing their mobile data
Trivia Clans
Reveald – mobile dating app that reveals a user’s personality traits while simultaneously revealing photos to throttle the rapid judgement that most modern dating apps promote
Matchmaker – Matchmaker is a new crowdsourced, gamified matchmaking app
Klicktion – gamified platform where anyone can earn and spend Kin by reading and writing interactive fiction stories
Blastchat – a social messaging app that allows users to blast direct messages to their most important friends, customers, and fans

end me email if you know more:

KIN Cryptocurrency will surpass Bitcoin in usage

KIN Cryptocurrency will surpass Bitcoin in usage

KIN cryptocurrency is in its infancy stages.
The large difference between KIN and other cryptocurrencies
is that its mostly consumer centric.
Its simplicity to use for the consumer is incomparable to other cryptocurrencies.
I run
a dating website which accepts Bitcoin and so many people have problems
with Bitcoin because it just seems to complicated and is too slow

KIN has SDKs for Python, Java & soon Javascript.
You will soon be able to implement KIN anywhere within a few minutes.
Should you have any questions about it i will be glad to answer them

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