40 Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps launching

40 Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps launching

40 Apps had been selected a while ago to join the KIN Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.
Now in October 2018 these apps are being presented and going live in the APP stores.

These apps range from fitness to dating to traveling.
The apps use the KIN cryptocurrency to incentivize people to do certain
tasks and paying the user to give out more information about themselves.

This is the beginning of an ecosystem of apps using the same cryptocurrency (KIN) to create
a behemoth that will in its collective rival huge social media giants such as Facebook.

One of these APPs that is currently in Beta is Kinit. Only available to U.S. users in the iOs & Android APP stores.
Another notable APP is Perfect 365. Perfect365 is a five star rated beauty app in the ios and android app store
which will use KIN to drive user interest to women.

Cryptocurrency has remained largely inaccessible to the mainstream. Its still mostly male and technology driven.
With KIN Cryptocurrency this is about to change in October and Q4 2018.

Welcome to the future where regular consumers get full control over their own money.