List of Kin Cryptocurrency Projects & Exchanges

Kin Cryptocurrency Projects & Exchanges
here i will list every project related to KIN Cryptocurrency. Public & in Development:


Websites: – blockchain explorer to see whats currently happening on KIN blockchain

KINIT – Survey based app on Android & IOS to earn KIN
Perfect365 – beauty app allowing you to spend and earn KIN

Exchanges – chinese exchange
Mercatox – Buy KIN Ethereum token
Bancor – exchange cryptocurrencies for KIN
HitBTC – trade cryptocurrencies

KIN Projects In Development:
Beseech – location-based forum for suggestions, referrals, information, micro-tasks, and classified ads
Find – a diverse community of open-minded travelers looking to discover new friends
KinQuest – social platform by Spaced that will help travelers meet and socialize with other travelers in their local area – social platform that will incentivize people to achieve their goals through competition and accountability
Kinetik – incentive-based mechanism to help users achieve their goals
Pause For – app that will reward students for staying off their phones while they focus on studying
Remood – first virtual reality (VR) mind machine app that uses scientific brainwave research and color and tone psychology to help users relax
Step & Spend – new app that will use Kin to incentivize users to improve their health
Steps – healthy active lifestyle by rewarding users for meeting their daily walking goals
Visit – brings together physicians, healthcare providers and technology, redefining health and wellness in today’s digital age
WiCrypt – enables users to get rewarded for sharing their mobile data
Trivia Clans
Reveald – mobile dating app that reveals a user’s personality traits while simultaneously revealing photos to throttle the rapid judgement that most modern dating apps promote
Matchmaker – Matchmaker is a new crowdsourced, gamified matchmaking app
Klicktion – gamified platform where anyone can earn and spend Kin by reading and writing interactive fiction stories
Blastchat – a social messaging app that allows users to blast direct messages to their most important friends, customers, and fans

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