Spain’s Port of Valencia to use Blockchain Technology to Build a “Smart Port”

Spain’s Port of Valencia to use Blockchain Technology to Build a “Smart Port”

““Starting from Valencia, we offer to use blockchain as a strategic option to provide transparency of logistic chain, from end to end, going further than our port itself. That means we’re planning to apply cloud technologies not only with our partners from Port Community Systems but also with all others.” Jose Garcia De La Guia in charge of blockchain deployment

KIN Cryptocurrency mobile apps demo day on Oct 15th 2018

KIN Cryptocurrency mobile apps demo day on Oct 15th 2018

On Oct 15th 2018
The apps part of the KIN Foundation Ecosystem will demonstrate
their integrations of the KIN cryptocurrency into their mobile apps.
There should be 40 apps in total. Once they are approved they
will receive the go ahead to submit their apps to google play store and apple store.

The most notable app being perfect 365 with over 100m users.
Watch out for that date.

Lightning network in Production Coffee Shop Bern Switzerland

Watch the lightning network
in a life production environment in a Coffee Shop in Bern Switzerland

Here is the youtube video

Great job & congratulations to the people with the vision to implement this.
“energyKitchen, located in the country’s capital Bern, has begun offering coffee, drinks and food items via an online shop and QR codes located outside its physical premises.”
Oliver Grugger the owner worked with local software developer Puzzle ITC to get this working

Bithumb to Launch Global Decentralized Platform

Bithumb to Launch Global Decentralized Platform
One Root Network (RNT) will offer its decentralized system to Bithumb.

With that system in place Bithumb intends to expand beyond its South Korea borders.
The new system will be managed by one of Bithumbs subsidiaries outside of Korea.

Binance is also working on a Decentralized Exchange (DAX)

Some Bithumb Stats:
Bithumb is doing $336,761,580 in daily trades
Bithumb’s revenue has increased 171-fold
2017 – $312m Revenues
2016 – $4.1m Revenues
Has Reserves Worth $6 Billion in 12 Cryptocurrencies
220 employees and 15 shareholders

Argentina’s first bitcoin ATM in Buenos Aires shopping mall

“Athena Bitcoin, a U.S. company that specializes in cryptocurrency ATMs, launched Argentina’s first bitcoin ATM last month”

“U.S.-based Odyssey Group, said of the 150 ATMs it aims to install by the end of the year in Argentina, 80 percent of those will be bitcoin-operational within the first months of 2019”

“Octagon, a company owned by Odyssey Group that will process the ATM transactions in Argentina”

You can locate Athenas ATMs on their website
currently they have active ATMS in the US, one in Argentina and 3 in colombia.

The weekly localbitcoins transaction in Argentina has surpassed 7 million Pesos

in May 2018: “The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) has eased regulations regarding automatic teller machines in the country.”
“A machine will cost $8000 plus an installation fee of between $1000 and $1500. ”

Decentralized Car & Ride Sharing Apps & Platforms on the Blockchain

Decentralized Car Sharing Platforms on the Blockchain

These are the current projects in development: – Blockchain-based transportation protocol enabling a Decentralized, Peer to Peer, Global Transportation Network – UNSTOPPABLE RIDESHARING (uber on blockchain) -Decentralized platform TO RENT AND SHARE VEHICLES – A Decentralized Transportation Platform owned by the community and utilising vehicles unused space to create a variety of smart transportation solutions – Decentralised shared mobility platform – Blockchain for Exotic Cars ownership disruption Decentrally Autonomously RENT a car

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Cryptocurrency Job Hong Kong Senior Java Developer is searching several employees for their offices
Cryptocurrency Job Hong Kong Senior Java Developer


Greenfield and brownfield design and development of a number of micro-service based electronic trading system components across order handling, order matching, market data, smart order routing
New feature implementation, bug fixing, and performance tuning
Working closely with KDB+ delopment team on overall architectural design of the Trading Technology stack
About You

You follow good principles of software engineering like TDD, writing modular, maintainable, clean code, and are used to working in an Agile environment.

Strong engineering skill set with firm grasp of fundamental Computer Science principles and a test-driven approach to software development
7+ years programming experience writing latency sensitive applications in Java or equivalent experience in another OO language, with some experience of Java
5+ years financial experience at a Hedge Fund, Investment Bank, or Exchange building matching engines, electronic trading systems, algo trading systems, or market data systems
Experience working in and performance tuning a Linux environment
Ability to adpat to changing priorities within a fast moving industry and startup culture
Nice to have: experience building microservice architecture systems, test automation, derivatives pricing, scaling, operating system and network layer performance tuning, BDD, KDB+, exp

other positions:
Europe (Remote)
Customer Support Specialist- Europe

Hong Kong
Performance Engineer

KDB+ Developer
Customer Support Specialist- Asia
Senior Java Developer
Senior KDB+ Developer

Hong Kong, Bermuda
Institutional Sales

New York
Marketing Analytics Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
VP, Marketing
Executive Assistant

New York, San Francisco
Customer Support Specialist- Americas

San Francisco
Lead Data Scientist
Application Security Engineer
Head of Data Science
Data Scientist
Senior Software Engineer (Web)
Senior Product Designer
Senior Software Engineer (API)
Senior Visual Designer
UX Research Lead
Chef Engineer
Splunk Engineer
Automation Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Lead Site Reliability Engineer
Technical Recruiter
Product Manager
Kubernetes Engineer
Senior Investigator- Detection and Response
Security Engineer
Program Manager, Security
Blockchain Engineer
Senior Software Engineer (Mobile)

Venezuela officially makes Petro Cryptocurrency Available

Venezuela officially makes Petro Cryptocurrency Available
At a press conference, Nicolas Maduro, announced November 5 for public sale of the Petro.

The most important part:
“the Venezuelan president has stated that all the oil purchases in and out the country must now be paid with Petro”
the same goes for airlines tanking fuel.
The other most important part is the fact that a head of state is openly switching to Cryptocurrency away from dollars or other fiat. Other countries will follow
which will force the U.S. to be very pro cryptocurrency

While there are so many uncertainties about the Petro, one thing will make it a sure success: The demand for oil is much higher than any obstacle to obtain it.
Anybody willing to buy oil will have no problem using the Petro.

6 Venezuela Exchanges support the Petro & an app for buying and selling it is in the google play store.
(Petro Wallet Sunacrip)

Here a few venezuela oil statistics:
The top exports of Venezuela are:
Crude Petroleum ($18.2B)
Refined Petroleum ($3.11B)

The top export destinations of Venezuela are:
United States ($10.3B)
China ($4.9B)
India ($4.47B)
Switzerland ($2.92B)
Singapore ($1.03B)

Stockbroker TD Ameritrade & Pantera Capital invest in cryptocurrency exchange ErisX

“ErisX plans to launch spot trading in the first half of 2019, with physically settled futures to launch later in 2019, subject to regulatory approval”
said ErisX Chief Executive Officer Thomas Chippas.

“ErisX Announces New Exchange for Digital Asset Investors and Traders”
“ErisX today announced plans to launch a derivatives exchange (DCM) and clearing organization (DCO) that will include fully regulated digital asset futures and spot contracts on one platform.”

Investors in ErisX include:
DRW Venture Capital, Valor Equity Partners, TD Ameritrade (AMTD), Virtu Financial (VIRT), NEX Opportunities, Cboe Global Markets (CBOE), CTC Group Investments, Digital Currency Group, Nico Trading, Pantera Capital and Third Stone Partners. ErisX is proud to launch with the support of CMT Digital, Susquehanna International Group, XR Trading, C2 Capital Management and ED&F Man Capital Markets Inc. who also participated in the investment round.

“ErisX will eliminate many of the impediments to institutional adoption and usher in a new wave of market participants,”