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bitcoin reaches 10000 dollars

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bitcoin reaches 10000 dollars

comparison to tulip mania :-)

Keep in mind that btc is limited to 21M. Unlike tulips or fiat currency which can be grown/printed on demand. Therefore, as math always rules, bitcoin is indeed unstoppable.

Only ill-educated whacks compare this brilliant and potentially global changing fintech protocol to a FLOWER! :/
It's beyond laughable...HODL !

decided to increase my BTC stake last week. On Saturday, initiated a SELL for some stock in my Fidelity portfolio. Oops - Markets closed on Sat and Sun. They sold first thing on Monday - but Oops the cash won't "settle" until Wednesday. Total time from decision to funds = 5 calendar days, or likely $2k/20% BTC appreciation.

Hmm.. I wonder why these brokerage firms are threatened by decentralized crypto currencies with always open exchanges and that actually representat a free market? Weird!

Daniel Eder
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