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The ICO Sale of Cowrium Goes Live. Join Now for the Best Offers!

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Cowrium is a global decentralized, multi-dimensional blockchain network that consists of a Smart Contract, a native coin (Cryptocurrency) and multiple interconnected applications aimed at facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology.


Well, the existing crypto system doesn’t make it very easy for just anyone to invest in or benefit from the high-potential blockchain technology for things like making low-cost, cross-border payments, etc. Also, there is a serious lack of real-world applications that utilise cryptocurrencies.

Cowrium aims to change that with a blockchain ecosystem that will help small businesses easily adopt blockchain solutions to enhance their customer reach and grow the business with advanced tech resources. The Cowrium platform integrates a dedicated cryptocurrency, called Cowrie coin, that will be usable for performing digital transactions such as cross-border payments in the same way as monetary transactions are performed with fiat currencies, but at a very low cost and with higher effective reach.

The Cowrium project consists of the following 5 entities:

A multidimensional smart contract
Cowrie - A mass-oriented cryptocurrency
CowDEX - An highly secured decentralized Exchange
ErrandBoy - A DAP that allows you to send crypto & receives in Fiat
Cowrie Stability AI - An artificial intelligence system that can predict the market and help suggest a foreseeable solution - while the buffer system helps stabilize Cowrie and protect it from market volatility.

Some of the features that make Cowrium better than most other blockchain platforms include a multi-currency payment system, smart contract library with 2-hop (PoW/PoS) protocol, atomic swap, intelligent pooling system, hyperblock technology, enterprise private contracts, recurring & scheduling payments, PrivateSend, support for multiple cryptographic algorithms, signing & address via Polysig, InstantSend, Smart Contract interaction between child chains, interoperability between the Conventional Ledger and Old Legacy System (Banking) and the New Ledger (Blockchain), merchant web solutions, multicoin browser & mobile wallet, custom HTML APIs for small & medium enterprises, prepaid debit card for consumers, merchant loyalty program, and referral rewards.

To know more about the revolutionary Cowrium project, visit the website. Be sure to invest in the ongoing ICO sale to avail up to 50% bonus.

ICO Schedule

Phase 1
JAN 1 To JAN 31 (31 days)
1CWR = 0.035USD
10,000CWR - 99,999CWR = 10% Bonus
100,000CWR - 999,999CWR = 30% Bonus
1,000,000CWR and Above = 50% Bonus

Phase 2
FEB 1 to FEB 29 (29 days)
1CWR = 0.0375USD
10,000CWR - 99,999CWR = 10% Bonus
100,000CWR - 999,999CWR = 30% Bonus
1,000,000CWR and Above = 50% Bonus

Phase 3
MAR 1 To MAR 31 (31 days)
1CWR = 0.04USD
10,000CWR - 99,999CWR = 5% Bonus
100,000CWR - 999,999CWR = 10% Bonus
1,000,000CWR and Above = 30% Bonus

Phase 4
APR 1 to APR 30 (30 days)
1CWR = 0.0425USD
10,000CWR - 99,999CWR = 5% Bonus
100,000CWR - 999,999CWR = 10% Bonus
1,000,000CWR and Above = 30% Bonus

Phase 5
MAY 1 to MAY 30 (30 days)
1CWR = 0.0450USD
10,000CWR - 99,999CWR = 5% Bonus
100,000CWR - 999,999CWR = 10% Bonus
1,000,000CWR and Above = 30% Bonus

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