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Pieta has been HOT listed on Many ICO Websites as one of the trending token sales to keep an eye on!

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We have another very good news for all the potential and existing investors of Pieta. Pieta token is now listed by many popular and reputed ICO websites as the best trending token sale (ICO) to invest in.

Pieta token sale (pre-ICO) which started in January this year turned out to be quite a success, as the team has managed to achieve the soft target very soon with the help of 300+ investors who purchased the tokens during the pre-sale.

Now that pre-sale of Pieta has ended, potential investors have been looking for other opportunities to become a part of the Pieta project. The opportunity is here now!

The main ICO sale of Pieta with up to 100% bonus tokens is now live
Investors who wanted to invest in the Pieta token and become a part of the most anticipated blockchain project of the year now have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For a limited time period, Pieta token will be available with a flat 100% bonus (only during the first phase sale). It means early investors will get double the amount of tokens for the same price.

Ever since the start of its first pre-sale, Pieta has been trending high in the news and media. Many popular websites have written about the token/project, regarding it as one of the best ICO projects of the year.

Recently, the token has been listed on a number of leading ICO websites and portals, which further assent to its credibility and reliability.

So, if you have been searching for a good, profitable ICO/token to invest in, your search ends here.

Heres a brief idea of the Pietas investor profit structure
The main source of Pietas earning and profits will be cryptocurrency mining through its in-house solar-based, affordable mining system. Pieta will distribute a part of its mining profits among the original project investors (who invest during the ICO).

Apart from this, investors and token holders will also get access to affordable mining equipment, contracts, and solar power, with which they can engage in highly profitable mining of top cryptocurrencies like pieta coin and bitcoin.

Need to know more? Check out the Pieta website for complete details of the project, ICO, whitepaper and how to invest.

You might be wondering about the profit structure of the pieta ecosystem, don't worry about it. We've made the teaser of pieta ecosystem which includes information regarding the investments and profit structure of pieta ecosystem.

Check here:

Check whitepaper here:

Check here:

Check whitepaper here:
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