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Pieta Pre ICO III Sale is On with additional bonus of 40% tokens for early birds

Category: Bitcoin

Pieta, one of the most anticipated tokens of the year as in terms of popularity and profitability, brought an undeniable opportunity to yield high profits. Pieta has released a total of 400,000 tokens on sale in the Pieta Pre ICO III Sale with a bonus of extra 40% (160,000) tokens to all the early investors which means if you purchase 100 Pieta tokens in the pre-sale, then you will be given 40 additional tokens (40% bonus) for free . The Pieta tokens are available at a discounted price of $0.75 per token. Fascinating? So, hurry up and grab the opportunity!

Pieta is a pioneer in providing environment-friendly ecosystem which uses solar energy for crypto mining on the blockchain. It has a distant dream of making cryptocurrency mining more affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly. It has become the most popular renewable energy based blockchain project of the year because of the use of sustainable solar energy which keeps the mining cost low along with the energy efficient latest X20 hashing algorithm that keeps mining equipment cool and also reduces the energy consumption up to 50%.
Inevitably, Pieta will make mining -a profitable affair for everyone irrespective of technical and financial powers because it offers an easy and globally-accessible mining platform that enables merchants, customers, and businesses to make cryptocurrency payments across the world via a point-of-sale network. Pietas X20 Algorithm is prepared in such fashion that it rewards miners for all their tasks on the platform in order to create an incentivized and positive network.

Pieta has started raising funds via a year-long ICO sale so that the funds can be used to build solar-powered mining rigs and solar firms across Africa. Pieta pre-ICO sale is currently in its third stage and will last till May 14, 2019.

Details about the Pieta Pre-ICO III sale:

Total tokens for sale - 400,000
Bonus 40%
Token price: $0.75

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