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Pieta Pre ICO III Phase Is Live: Last Chance To Join Pieta Ecosystem

Category: Bitcoin

The Pieta team is glad to announce that the third phase of its pre-sale is live now. For a limited time period, investors can get a flat 40% bonus on all their token purchases during the pre-sale. Also, the Pieta token is being offered at an exclusive rate of $0.75 per token only for the pre-sale period (the actual market price would be higher).

So, it is a golden opportunity for all those who were looking for a nice and profitable cryptocurrency for investment.

The invention and rise of the Pieta project were governed by the need of finding a solution to the increasing cost and environment-fatal nature of crypto mining. Those who are not aware must know that bitcoin mining is a very costly affair, up to the extent that the miners do not start making profits in the first year at all.

Wondering why bitcoin mining is so costly?

It is mainly because of the mining difficulty and the high cost of electricity and mining hardware. Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity which increases the cost of this activity. Further, the price of mining hardware is not suitable for everyones pocket.

But thats not all.

The actual blow comes when you start analyzing the environmental impacts of bitcoin mining. According to an estimate, the amount of electricity consumed in the mining is not less than what is required to power a small country like Sweden.

All this electricity when consumed releases a lot of carbon and greenhouse gases which are detrimental to our environment and ecosystem.

Pieta has a solution.

Pieta is a green crypto mining ecosystem which will utilize specially designed solar-powered mining rigs. These rigs will get power from green solar energy which is cheaper as well as friendly to the environment.

The aim of Pieta is to reduce the cost and fatality of cryptocurrency mining while increasing the profits of the miners.

Invest in Pieta now to secure your funds and your future!

The third-phase pre-sale of Pieta tokens has started now. Invest in the worlds first profit-based, solar-powered mining system to earn huge returns on your investment. The sale ends soon!
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