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Pieta Introduces Bounty program - Giving Away 180000 PITC Tokens

Category: ICO

Pieta is glad to officially announce its bounty program, under which the team will be giving away 180,000 Pieta tokens for free to the participants of the campaign. The bounty program is already live now. Heres all you need to know about it.

What is Pieta Bounty Program?

It is a giveaway program which is launched with the purpose to offer rewards to those who help the Pieta ecosystem grow and increase the reach. Anyone who has the zeal to become a success by helping us grow can join the campaign and earn free tokens as rewards.

The ultimate purpose of Pietas bounty program is to promote the project to more people and increase its reach and awareness, so the more you promote the more you can earn.

Heres what you need to do:

As a participant of the Pietas bounty campaign, youll have to perform a number of the tasks. The program is divided into the following four sections:

BitcoinTalk and Signature Campaign 20% - 36000 PITC
Video Creation 30% - 54000 PITC
Blog and Media 30% - 54000 PITC
Social Media 20% - 36000 PITC
Twitter Bounty
Facebook Bount
LinkedIn Bounty

Lets discuss each in brief.

BitcoinTalk and Signature Campaign

Under this campaign, the users will get free rewards for their activities (around Pieta) on the forum. For instance, users can earn tokens for posting new threads or creating posts about Pieta on the website. Each post must include the Pieta signature in order to get rewarded. A total of 36,000 Pieta tokens will be given under this bounty campaign.

Users can earn more depending on their membership level. For instance, a member will earn 0.50 stake (PITC) per week, while a Hero Member will earn 2 stakes per week for the same activity. Read the rules before proceeding.

Video Creation

For this, users must have a popular YouTube channel with at least 50 subscribers, where they will be posting new videos about Pieta on a regular basis. They must also subscribe to Pietas official Youtube channel. A total of 54,000 PITC tokens will be awarded under this bounty.

Users will be rewarded with stakes, depending on the frequency, length, quality of the videos and the number of followers and views.

Blog and Media

For this, the user must be a member of reputed free blogging sites such as Medium, or any other, with a minimum of 100 followers. Post new blog posts about Pieta containing at least 500 words and links back to the Pieta website/whitepaper. Users can also create ICO listings and ratings for Pieta. Rewards will be given on the basis of the quality, length and viewership of each content posted by the user. A total of 54,000 PITC tokens are reserved for this campaign.

Social Media

Pietas social media bounty campaign comprises of three major social networking sites - Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. What you have to do is talk about Pieta project on social media through your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc, by creating new posts, commenting on existing posts, participating in group discussions, using hashtags, etc. In addition, users are also required to follow the official Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin Account of Pieta.

The bounty tokens will be rewarded on the basis of the activity, engagement and quality & frequency of posting. A total of 36,000 Pieta tokens will be given away under this campaign.

Read All Terms And Conditions Of Bounty Here:

Note: Make sure to read the Bounty Program Rules carefully before you start working.

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