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Jubilee Ace Ask Me Anything Tour Kicks Off

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Jubilee Ace kicked off it's highly anticipated “Ask Me Anything” Tour on 20th August 2019. Several executives and over 100 enthusiastic Jubilee members attended the inaugural course.

The monthly affair is a key program of Jubilee Ace’s public education scheme. Jubilee Ace aims to equip members with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations, engage them, and cultivate a strong corporate culture and spirit. Armed with knowledge and deep understanding of Jubilee Ace, the participants will excel as brand ambassadors and would drive market expansions.

Jubilee Ace Limited, founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 with a paid-up capital of US$50 million, is an advanced data analysis company that specializes in multi-sector arbitraging opportunities around the world. Jubilee Ace Limited started out with traditional commodities arbitraging before expanding and venturing out into other industries and most recently cryptocurrency. With a proven successful business model, Jubilee Ace Limited improves on and refines the data it processes into monetizable strategies, highly valuable analysis and actionable market decisions and low risk, lucrative investments.

The theme of the training centres on “Understanding and Executing Arbitrage 101”. With an in-depth understanding of how arbitrage works, the competency and confidence of the members will be boosted considerably.

The trainers of Jubilee Ace presented to the eager crowd on the basis of arbitrage and the various different types of arbitrage.

“In the current financial scene, to consistently run successful arbitrages, there are multiple challenges we face to remain competitive. We have to constantly evolve and improve to remain ahead of trends to capture the best arbitraging opportunities.”

To round the evening off, Jubilee Ace’s trainers demonstrated live the mechanics of AQUA system’s speed, precision and accuracy.

Jubilee Ace invited arbitraging experts to uncover the common pitfalls and mistakes investors are prone to. The pragmatic and engaging session with realistic examples drew appreciated cheers from the rousing crowd. Learn more here:

Name: Mr. Mansion Greenwood
Company: Jubilee Ace
Address: 122 West 27th Street 10th Floor New York City, NY 10001 United States
Phone: +1(914)315-7227
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