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II Phase of Pieta Pre ICO Sale Goes Live: Buy Now To Get Early Benefits

Category: Bitcoin

The second phase pre-sale of Pieta tokens is live now. Those who missed the chance to invest in the first phase sale can invest now to enjoy a 40% bonus on their token purchases. A total of 400,000 tokens will be on sale during the 2nd phase sale which ends on the 14th of March. The bonus offer is exclusive for this sale only and will end soon. So, hurry now!

You can read details about the Pieta project on the website A brief description of the project and its future prospect is being given here for the investor benefit.

Pieta.Network is a revolutionary cryptocurrency mining project which has been founded with the aim to make crypto mining more eco-friendly and cost-efficient with the use of alternative energy sources like solar energy and the new, better mining technique - the X20 hashing algorithm.

Wondering why Pieta uses solar energy for mining?

In recent years, the blockchain mining activity has increased exponentially. According to research data, the mining of bitcoins and other top currencies needs a lot of energy. The high energy consumption in the mining process is having a significant impact on our environment due to high carbon release. It is also rapidly depleting our natural energy sources. The obvious solution is to find ways to limit energy consumption in mining or replace traditional energy with more eco-friendly energy alternatives.

This is why Pieta uses and promotes solar energy for crypto mining process. This will help save our ecosystem while making the bitcoin mining process more efficient and productive.

Pre-sale phase 2

From 14 Feb to 14 March 2019

Token price: $0.50

Bonus: 40%

Buy now at

Media contact:


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