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How will Traders Benefit By Joining HeyBitcoin?

Category: Bitcoin

Both traders and investors are an important part of the HeyBitcoin system. While traders enable the platform users to create and manage their investments more efficiently, investors help platform generate revenue by sending trade volume to liquidity providers.

HeyBitcoin has a foolproof strategy for benefitting all the participants of the system. For instance, traders benefit in the form of rewards which they receive for their trading activities on the platform. Rewards are given on the basis of the performance of the trader, irrespective of the broker/platform they use. Similarly, investors get benefited in terms of the increasing value of the
HeyBitcoin (HYBN). As the platform grows in popularity with time, the value of our coin (HYBN) will increase exponentially, benefitting the investors and holders immensely.

HeyBitcoin Benefits for Traders

In general, traders benefit based on their trading activity and amount. The more they trade, the more they can earn. Also, the experience and trading skills of a trader decide how much he/she can benefit. Traders on the HeyBitcoin platform are rewarded in the same manner. The only difference is that the trader reward is purely dependent on the traders performance, and not on the broker/platform they are using for traders. Lets understand this with an example.

For instance, a trader, who has good experience and skills in stock trading and is looking for a better work opportunity where he/she does not have to pay hefty platform/brokerage commission and can work independently to earn the best to his ability, can join the HeyBitcoin platform for truly realizing his/her potential.

How so?

Well, for one, HeyBitcoin will reward traders for their professional trading activities and based on the trades they do. Also, there is no limit as to which brokerage or exchange a trader has to use. They can use whatever service they want and perform trades in the environment they are most comfortable with. A trader can even integrate his/her trading account with any protocol of his choice.

Another major benefit of the HeyBitcoin platform for traders is the complete transparency in transactions, payments and data. HeyBitcoin uses blockchain technology for storing the traders data and performance records, which are visible to hundreds of investors who can hire a particular trader according to their specific requirements. As the profile and performance of a trader grow on the platform, he/she will get more clients and, in turn, rewards.

Also, the platform uses blockchain-based smart contracts for managing and making payments. The payments received from the Liquidity providers are automatically distributed among eligible traders based on their performance and trading activities, after deducting the platforms revenue.

The ultimate benefit HeyBitcoin gives to traders is a stable income source along with a fair chance to grow in a truly transparent investment management system.

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