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How is Cowrie Coin different from other Cryptocurrencies?

Category: ICO

Cowrium is a project whose foundation was laid on the idea of a one-of-a-kind blockchain ecosystem for SMEs. Cowrie is the native cryptocurrency of the Cowrium platform.

Now, the Cowrium platform can be considered a marketplace where you can shop for advanced and highly innovative blockchain solutions, which are useful for both individuals and businesses (SMEs, enterprises, etc.). Like any other marketplace, it will provide many products and services that are intended to assist businesses with their day-to-day operations such as payment transfer, trading, crypto to fiat transfer, agreements, and more.

Some of the Cowrium solutions, including ErrandBoy (Crypto to fiat payments), CowDEX (crypto/fiat exchange), Cowrie Stability AI (analyse & predict trading market), etc. are under development. The platform will develop and add many more blockchain-based products to provide a boost to the SME economy. Moreover, it will allow third-party businesses and startups to develop their blockchain projects/solutions on the platform with all the readily available resources and technologies.

What’s the use of the Cowrie coin?

Now, one might wonder what is the actual use of the Cowrie coin (CWR) among all this, or how an investor is going to benefit from buying it. So, here’s the answer.

All the apps, projects and solutions in the Cowrium ecosystem will use CWR as the native payment system. This effectively means that any holder of CWR coins will get instant access to the platform and will be able to use any of the apps on the platform for both personal and professional purposes.

In addition to that, CWR holders and buyers can also use their coins for making instant worldwide payments to anyone who is accepting these coins. So, you can use Cowrie for shopping online, paying to a merchant, paying bills, sending money, and more.

What makes Cowrie Coin better than other cryptocurrencies

Still wondering why or how is Cowrie coin better than other coins?

Well, to start with, CWR comes with its own set of use cases in the form of a number of Cowirum projects or apps. This makes the coin value independent or unaffected by the market trends. Thanks to the amazing apps, there will always be good demand for the Cowrie coin in the market, and investors will never face the liquidity problem.

To know more about Cowrie coin, Cowrium project or to invest, visit

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