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End of Cowrium ICO: Last Day to Invest in the Biggest Sale of the Year

Category: Bitcoin

Those who have already invested in the Cowrium ICO can now sit back, relax and watch their investments grow. But for those who still haven’t invested, the time is slipping away, as the ICO is near its end.

As per the schedule, the pre-ICO phase III of Cowrium will end on the 31st of March. That means the investors who wish to buy the Cowrie Coin (CWR) at the current price have one more day before the coin price increases.

Here’s why you should invest in CWR right away.

This is the third of the five phases of Cowrium ICO, which are scheduled to be held between January and May 2020. The first phases have already finished, and now the third phase will end on 31 March. The important thing to know here is that the price of the CWR is being increased with each phase. Take a look below.

1. Phase 1 - CWR price $0.035/token
2. Phase 2 price - $0.0375/token
3. Phase 3 price - $0.04/token
4. Phase 4 price - $0.0425/token
5. Phase 5 price - $0.045/token

So, as you can the price of the coin is increasing with each next phase by almost $0.0025. So, the price you get today is the best price of CWR you’ll ever get. In other words, the CWR price will never be as low as it is today.

Also, there is an attractive bonus offer, where you can avail up to 30% bonus on your purchase of CWR during the ongoing sale. Again, the bonus offer is time-sensitive and the amount you can win will reduce with this sale.

So, hurry! Invest in the Cowrium ICO today to maximise your profits & benefits. To know why you should invest in Cowrium in the first place, visit the website:

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