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DavorcoinX Launch Airdrop - Each Participant Can Earn 100 DAVX Free Coin. Join Today

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Davorcoin X (DAVX) is a new, revolutionary cryptocurrency which has been launched with the aim to make digital payments secure and convenient for everyone. DAVX intends to present the best case for an alternative payment currency which is the same as bitcoin and Ether in functioning & features but at the same time very affordable to use. DavorX has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain and is based on a global, decentralized payment system which is not controlled by any single party thereby accessing or modifying any transaction in the blockchain is nearly impossible, making is the most secure digital currency out there.

How You Can Earn Free DAVX Token?
In a bid to acquire new users and to promote the project, DavorX is giving away free coins through its Airdrop program which will run on the official website during the ICO sale. A total of 80,000 coins (worth $40,000) will be given to the first 800 participants of the program. That means 800 participants can claim up to 100 free DAVX coins each. Sign up now if you do not wish to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on some free cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to purchase more DAVX coins, feel free to participate in the ICO sale starting from July 1, 2019.

In order to join the DavorX Airdrop Campaign, kindly follow the steps mentioned below.
Step 1: Visit the DavorX Airdrop Page and Fill Up The Form
Step 2: Join the Official Telegram Channel of DavorX
Step 3: Follow DavorX on Twitter and Retweet the latest 5 tweets
Step 4: Like the official Facebook Page of DavorX and share the last 5 posts
Step 5: Visit the DavorX website and Register to connect with Admin
Step 6: Join the DavorX Referral Program to earn 10% of the money invested by your references in Fiat Currency.
Step 7: After you finish all the above steps, send a message at telegram group.
Step 8: The 100 Reward coins (~$50) will be sent to your DavorX wallet.

Campaign Rules:
Kindly adhere to these rules & regulations to be eligible for free rewards.

-No reward coins will be offered if any of these rules are broken.
-Participants must follow each step (mentioned above) carefully and precisely. The same will be verified by our team before coin distribution.
-The social likes, follows and comments must be with the same email id that is used for registration for the campaign.
-Airdrop coins will be sent to the user wallet after the end of the ICO sale.
-A participant must register on the website before starting the Airdrop campaign.
-Do not ask your Airdrop related questions anywhere but the official Telegram Channel.
-The DavorX team reserves the right to cancel or modify the campaign at any time.
-Any spam or illegit activity such as the use of multiple accounts or cheating will lead to your disqualification from the campaign.
-Members, if disqualified, will not be eligible for any rewards.

DavorX Referral Program
With the aim to further incentivize its users and airdrop participants, DavorX has added an exclusive referral program, where users can participate to avail up to 10% of the total investment made by their referred investor.
Reward: 10% of the total investment

How to participate?
In order to participate in the DavorX referral program, an airdrop participate must share the email id of the person they want to refer to invest in the DavorX ICO. We will then approach that person via your reference and convince them to invest in the project. For every successful investor that converts, the referrer (the person who referred) will get 10% of the total investment made by the person.

Project Name: DavorcoinX
Official Website:
Airdrop Form:
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