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DAVORCOIN X (DAVX) Pre Sale is Live Now: The World First Ultimate Digital Coin

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The pre-sale of DavorcoinX (DAVX) is live now with an exclusive price of $0.5. The public ICO sale will start from 15th July. Those looking to invest can register on the website now.

We are glad to announce the launch of the official pre-ICO sale of DavorcoinX (DAVX) from the 1st of July.

Launching the pre ICO for private and initial investors, DAVX is a digital currency intends to offer a better and low-cost alternative to hundreds of existing cryptocurrencies. Just like other fiat and digital currencies, DAVX can be stored in any compatible physical/virtual wallet and can be used for sending/receiving money as well as for making payments.

While the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies for investment has given a boost to this sector, many people are still afraid of putting their hard-earned money in a sector which is too volatile. This, added with the high price of bitcoin and other similar crypto coins, discourages investors to participate in crypto investment.

DAVX is different from the existing coins in that it has been launched as a new digital currency which will provide the perfect alternative to the existing coins for sending/receiving digital money as well as trading a number of digital assets. In short, it aims to become a globally accepted and implemented means for payments.

Wondering why crypto payments are better than fiat payments?

For one, cryptocurrencies work on the concept of blockchain, which is a decentralized technology. The meaning is that all the transactions involving DAVX coin are performed in a peer-to-peer manner directly between the sender and the receiver. There are no middlemen or third-parties involved in such transactions. The benefit is that the cost/fee of the transaction is minimized while the security is improved.

Blockchain maintains a public, distributed ledger of all the transactions & data that are processed through its network. The same happens with the payments made via DAVX coin. All the transactions are stored in a public, decentralized database which is not controlled by any single entity and is impossible to modify or alter. This protects data integrity and makes them easily verifiable.

Another benefit of buying the DAVX coin is the low cost. If you buy the coin now at its present cost, you can surely attain high returns in the long term as the price of the coin goes significantly high.

Start investing today to secure your future.

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