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Cryptassist Exchange - Trade, Pay and Get 50% off when trading fees are paid with CTA coins.

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Delhi / India / Cryptassist / July 13, 2018
What is an ICO ?
ICO stands for "Initial Coin Offering" and is essentially a fund-raising process for cryptocurrency business startups by selling their own tokens in exchange of bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. Which can be used as funding for startup businesses and as an investment.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) broadly used in growing up a cryptocurrency businesses and their coin or token. The cryptocurrencies transactions are untraceable which will ensure that our data and the information of transactions cannot be leaked or hacked. The cryptocurrencies are based on particular Blockchains. These days, many people use middlemen like banks to make transaction, but blockchain allows transaction between Consumer and Supplier directly without any third-party involvement, which reduces risk.

Cryptassist is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed.

Many exchange platform are available online which may or may not be secure enough.To overcome this, Cryptassist will come up with an important and secure exchange of its own- "Cryptassist Exchange".
Cryptassist will develop its own fully licensed cryptocurrency spot exchange. CTA users will enjoy the benefits of reduced trading fees on the exchange.

In order to understand Cryptassist Cryptocurrency Exchange, let's first understand what Exchange means in the terms of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptassist Exchange is an online platform and the most common way to trade or convert Cryptocurrencies. The Cryptocurrency Exchange includes buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with fiat (USD, INR, EUR, AMD etc.) as well as buying and selling cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ETC, BTG, BCH, etc).

What is a Centralized Exchange?
Centralized means to trust someone to handle our money, its just like an ordinary bank where we keep our money safe or we can say that we trust that bank that they will handle our money safely.
In many cases, this is much safer than a person finding ways to manage their money themselves. Banks have many securities and a team to watch over their customer's money. The bank can also offer a variety of services, such as loans, because the bank has a large amount of money and has created a trust relationship with the customer.

Are Cryptocurrencies Exchange safe?
As we know that the cryptocurrencies transactions are untraceable and will ensure that our data or the information of the transactions can't be leaked or hacked as cryptocurrencies are based on particular Blockchains. Cryptocurrency Exchanges are impossible to hack, but users are much more vulnerable to locking themselves out of their money. Popular centralized exchanges are safe in the way that banks are safe and secure.

What Cryptassist will offer in Cryptassist Exchange?
Cryptassist develops its own fully licensed cryptocurrency spot exchange gives and unequaled trading experience to its users. The user-friendly exchange platform will help both merchants as well as first time users.
Digital currencies and its performance has surprised the whole business economy and has given an end to the traditional trading system. With the upsurge in the ICO and its value , many individuals are making benifits from it and making exchanges with other digital assests.
Cryptassist develops its own fully licensed cryptocurrency spot exchange gives and unequalled trading experience to its users. The user-friendly exchange platform will help both merchants as well as first time users.
The exchange is not exclusive for CTA trading, it is a full cryptocurrency exchange, functioning like any other. The exchange will work similarly to other crypto-exchanges where traders can set limit orders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
The Cryptassist Exchange platform offers 50% discount when trading fees are paid with CTA coins. Utilizing a large variety of trading pairs user can make faster exchanges of CTA with other digital currencies.
This enables real-time trading of digital assets and live blockchain integrations and allows trading with cryptocurrencies. The exchange will utilize both limit orders, which allow a trader to buy digital currency at a price lower than the current price, or sell at higher than the current price on the exchange and market orders, which means the buyer accepts the current market sale price on the exchange.
Cryptassist exchange members will have voting rights on new coins to be added to the exchange.
The Cryptassist exchange features include:
> Fully licensed cryptocurrency spot exchange.
> 50% discount on trading fees when paid with CTA coins
> Real time balance updates and user-friendly interface.
> Order, trade and quote management.
> Resilient architecture supporting around the clock trading.
> Continuous integration of currencies to meet market demand.
> Enable fiat or crypto deposits & withdrawals.
> Automatically generated wallet addresses secured by Google 2FA and other state-of-the-art security innovations.
> User-friendly interface.
> Intuitive UX.

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