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Cowrium Pre ICO Sale Phase 3 is Live! Buy CWR with up to 30% Bonus NOW!

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The most profitable and astounding crypto sale of the year is here! After a huge success of the first two rounds, Cowrium ICO has now entered the third phase. Now, you can buy CWR right from the official website at an exclusive investor-only price.

The pre-ICO discount phase 3 of Cowrium is now open. It will close in 13 days. So, you have this many days to buy the Cowrie coin (CWR) at a special discount price and get up to 30% bonus tokens in rewards.

The pre-ICO (initial coin offering) of Cowrium will be held in five phases, of which two phases are already completed. The third phase sale of Cowrie coins is going on now. Here’s a brief of what’s on offer in the ongoing sale:

Cowrium Pre ICO Phase III

1. Mar 01 — Mar 30
2. Bonus — Up to 30%
3. Price — $0.04/token

The final pre-ICO sale of Cowrium will finish on May 30, 2020. So, investors have the option to buy the coin before then. However, the thing to notice here is that the coin price will be increased with each phase. For instance, the current CWR price of $0.04/token will increase to $0.0425/token in the next phase. At the same time, the bonus amount will decrease.

So, this is the best time to invest in Cowrium.

Who can (& should) invest in Cowrium?

Unlike many other crypto sales and coin offerings (ICOs, ITOs, etc.) that are exclusive for big investors, corporates and professionals, the Cowrium ICO is open for everyone. Yes, you heard it right. Anyone with a valid KYC and enough bitcoins/fiat in his account can buy CWR by signing up on the website

This can be a wonderful opportunity for novice investors and those who are just starting out in the crypto sector and want to try their hands in an innovative yet affordable project.

Note: Always buy Cowrie (CWR) only from the official website mentioned above.

About Cowrium

Before you invest, it’s beneficial to know a little about the project and the coin.

Cowrium isn’t like any other crypto project out there. They are trying to create something unique, something very useful here. It’s a marketplace where small & medium enterprises can shop for advanced solutions based on blockchain technology.

This includes AI-based market analysis & prediction (Cowrie Stability AI), Crypto-fiat Exchange (CowDEX), Crypto to Fiat transfer (ErrandBoy), and more. Even the Cowrie Coin — Cowrium’s native currency — has amazing uses as a digital currency for payments.

To know more, visit the official website and read the whitepaper.

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